Volume 25, 1993







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A brief synopsis of the current status of pea cytogenetics.
S.V. Temnykh and N.F. Weeden.

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Linkage Groups

Linkage groups of pea. (Assembled by the Linkage Committee).

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On the pea linkage map. T.H.N. Ellis, R.P. Hellens, L. Turner, C. Lee, C. Domoney and T. Welham.

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Mapping Guidelines

Guidelines for future mapping studies in Pisum. (Report from the Linkage

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Research Reports

Floral abnormalities in the fasciated line G38E.
M.J. Ambrose.

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The chlorotica mutation in line Wt11019 shows linkage with group 6 marker Pl.
S. Apisitwanich and W.K. Swiecicki.

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A more precise location of the breakpoints in Hammarlund's K-line.
V.A. Berdnikov, F.L. Gorel' and S.V. Temnykh.

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Pea gene sym8 affects symbiosis both with Rhizobium and with endomycorrhizal fungi.
A.N. Kolycheva, L.M. Jakob, A.Y. Borisov, A.A. Filatov, I.A. Tikhonovich and G.S. Muromtsev.

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Genes a and d may not be in the same linkage group.
O.E. Kosterin.

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Mapping of the new mutation blb and the problem of integrity of linkage group 1.
O.E. Kosterin and S.M. Rozov.

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The early nodulin gene Enod12A is in linkage group 3.
A.E. Men, A.Y. Borisov, S.M. Rozov, V.E. Tsyganov and I.A. Tikhonovich.

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The effect of bean yellow mosaic virus and peanut stunt virus on poly (A)+ RNA-mediated protein synthesis in pea.
K. Ostrowka and I.M. Frencel.

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Further evidence that Td is located on pea linkage group III.
N.O. Polans.

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Ramosus loci rms-3 and rms-4 are in pea linkage groups 1 and 7, respectively.
A.T. Poole, I.C. Murfet and R.E. Vaillancourt.

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Location of gene lum-3 in relation to tl and gp.
S.M. Rozov.

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A new FixЦ mutation in pea shows linkage with group 3 marker M.
S.M. Rozov, A.Y. Borisov, V.E. Tsyganov and I.A. Tikhonovich.

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A new version of pea linkage group 5.
S.M. Rozov, S.V. Temnykh, F.L. Gorel' and V.A. Berdnikov.

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Screening of pea genotypes for seed longevity.
G. Singh and S.S. Gil.

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Seed development in Pisum. Possible intragenic recombinations at the Lh locus.
S.M. Swain and J.B. Reid.

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Flowering in pea: a mutation of Lf d to lf a and a summary of induced Lf mutations.
S.A. Taylor and I.C. Murfet.

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Seed mutants in Pisum.
T.L. Wang and C.L. Hedley.

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Letters to the Editor.

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Genetic Resources/New  Varieties.

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Pisum Genetics Volume 25 (1993)

ISSN 1320-2510

Editor: I.C. Murfet; Associate Editor: N.F. Weeden

Published by the Pisum Genetics Association.

Printed at the University of  Tasmania, Hobart, Australia.