Butterflies of the Asian part of Russia


Y.P. Korshunov and P.Y. Gorbunov

English translation by Oleg Kosterin


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In 1995 Yurii Petrovich Korshunov, a well known expert in butterfly fauna of Siberia, and Pavel Yunievich Gorbunov had prepared the book:

Y. Korshunov, P. Gorbunov. Dnevnye babochki aziatskoi chasti Rossii. Spravochnik. [Butterflies of the Asian part of Russia. A handbook]. Ural University Press, Ekaterinburg - 1995 - 202 p. [in Russian]

It was planned to publish this book simultaneously in Russian and English, with coloured illustrations, in 1994. These plans failed and the book was issued in paperback in 500 copies in Russian only and without illustrations. However, I had translated this book into English for the planned edition, and now would like, with the authors' permission, to submit at least some parts of this translation to everyone who miss this large bulk of inevitable information on butterflies of Ural, Siberia, and the Russian Far East. Further version of the book will be published elsewhere within next few years.

With an year passed a considerable amount of new information appeared, which was compiled and issued by the senior author as follows:

Y. Korshunov. Dopolneniya i ispravleniya k knige "Dnevnye babochki aziatskoi chasti Rossii". [Additions and corrections to the book "Butterflies of the Asian part of Russia."]. ETA Grp., Novosibirsk - 1996 - 66 p. [in Russian]

Now I has incorporating this into the main text of translation for all families but main part of Satyridae. The parts ready are now available on this site. To see the text, click the highlighted name of a family needed in the Contents below.

I express my special thank to Dr. Cris Guppy (Quesnel, canada) who took the trouble to format the texts and correct many spelling and other linguistic errors.

Two years later Y. P. Korshunov has published another series of correcions, additions and new descriptions, the reference being as follows:

Korshunov, Yu. P. Novye opisaniya i utochneniya dlya knigi "Dnevnye babochki aziatskoi chasti Rossii" [New Descriptions and Specifications for the book 'Butterflies of Asian part of Russia']. - Novosibirsk - 1998 - 71 p. [in Russian]

This book contains many extensive comments and consideration, expressing the auhtor's notins on many taxonomical cases, but I'm afraid I cannot withstand such an anormous goal as translating them as well. From this book I have only translated the original description of all new taxa (see below).

There are many NEW TAXA described in these three books. The images of their type specimens can be find on the site of Siberian Zoological Museum at the Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animans, Novosibirsk (or on its mirror site). My translations of their original descriptions in a separate file are HERE

Any use of this information should be accompanied with a reference on these books(or at least to the main book by Korshunov & Gorbunov (1995), in this case you may not be sure the very datum you use is contained in this book and not in additions)

                           Oleg Kosterin, Ph. D.
                           senior researcher at
                           Institute of Cytology & Genetics
                           Siberian Division of
                           Russian Academy of Sciences,

You may contact Yuri Korshunov (or me) through my E-mail address: kosterin@bionet.nsc.ru , or Pavel Gorbunov through his address gorbunov@ipae.uran.ru.



The history of study of butterflies of Asian Russia

Asian Russia *

Glossary of special terms

Introduction to the butterflies of the Asian Russia *

     Hesperiidae (only (Korshunov & Gorbunov, 1995))

Hesperiidae(with additions and corrections (Korshunov, 1996) incorporated) *

Papilionidae(with additions and corrections (Korshunov, 1996) incorporated) *

     Pieridae (only (Korshunov & Gorbunov, 1995))

Pieridae(with additions and corrections (Korshunov, 1996) incorporated) *

Danaidae *

     Nymphalidae (only (Korshunov & Gorbunov, 1995))

Nymphalidae (with additions and corrections (Korshunov, 1996) incorporated) *

Satyridae (since Maniolini - an old version *)

     Lycaenidae (only (Korshunov & Gorbunov, 1995))

Lycaenidae (with additions and corrections (Korshunov, 1996) incorporated) *


References (an old and incomplete version, to be updated)

Dr. Cris Guppy's corrections concerned only the versions where the 1996 additions were ioncorporated, these pages are indicated above with asterisks (*).


I add few photograph of mine of some the butterflies of this region. You may find more than 250 free pictures in my personal site on this server