Ceriagrion sp.

Ceriagrion sp.
An enigmatic male the appendages of which resemble those of Ceriagrion indochinense Asahina, 1967, but which is larger and has a reddish, not yellow, abdomen. (A typically looking male C. indochinense, to compare, was collected at Nong-Nuch, also in Pattaya environs several days before. Any advice is welcome.
Thailand, Chon Buri Province, Pattaya environs, west of Ban Bang Sare, Sai-Kaew beach, spiny bamboo forest at a beach, 2nd February 2005.
O. Kosterin
Таиланд, провинция Чон Бури, окр. Патайи, пляж Саи-Каеу к западу от Бан Банг Саре,пруд в лесу из колючего бамбуак возле пляжа. 2 февраля 2005 г.

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