WildLife photography
mostly in Siberia
Oleg Kosterin

Butterflies and Moths (Lepidoptera) - 3105 PICTURES
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Dragonflies (Odonata). 2917 PICTURES.

Plants - 229 PICTURES
Landscapes. 204 PICTURES.
Miscelaneous (frogs, spiders, beetles, etc.). 23 PICTURES.

B/W images (so far mammals only - 15 ones)

235 mixed ALTAI images chronologically taken in 1998-2004

and some 1998-1999 images of Novosibirsk and Omsk environs chronologically

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My professional interests lie in the field of plant genetics. Besides, I am much interested in dragonfly (Odonata) fauna of Asia and butterfly and moth (Lepidoptera) fauna of the Asian part of the former USSR, and the Palaearctic in general. See my Curriculum vitae for the complete list of my publications in both fields. I travel a lot and make collections of ,amy insect groups for the Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology, Novosibirsk, Russia. (Please note that I have no private collection.) My expertise also covers the flora to some extent.

A substantial activity has ever been wildlife photography, covering various insects (see the lists of photographed Lepidoptera, Odonata and plants), vertebrates to some extent, and landscapes in Northern Asia. Unfortunately in this page, only dragonflies and exotic butterflies are kept up to date and the images are adequately treated, the rest utmostly needs ammendment and update.

I am able of correctly identifying species photographed belonging to a wide range of groups. My greates pleasure is see these pictures to be used as illustrations in publications concerning Nature. So far I have certain achievements in this field.

I would like to communicate with anyone with similar interests and hope to hear any proposals and inquiries concerning wildlife photography. I will be extremely happy to discuss your specific requests on making photographs in the regions within my reach to illustrate your publication.

Here is my article "Советы одержимого" [Advices of a Possessed One] (in Russian only) in a local photographic magazne "Photo. Siberian Succiess" on the insect photography. Это статья о том как снимать насекомых (на сей раз - на русском)

and anoter article "Там - Алтай" [There is Altai] (also in Russian) in a published in 'Siberian Ecological Messenger' being a sketch about the Altai Mountains. Экскурсия по Алтаю (тоже на русском)

Please, look also my 'odonatological road notes' aboutTuva (coupled with rather a scientific report and published in IDF-Report) and Thailand (a twice shortened version published in "WDA's Agrion".

Here are notes on the winer birds of Novosibirsk Academy Town "Зимние птицы Академгородка" - на русском (in Russian).

And here - notes on an expedition to the Dzhungarian Alatau Mts., SE Kazakhstan: заметки об экспедиции в Джунгарский Алатау (ЮВ Казахстан) - конечно же на русском!

Diaries observing Nature for 1995-2006, in Russian.
Дневники наблюдений природы (тоже на русском)


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