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All the photos are taken in pure natural conditions and depict fully free butterflies and moths. The main regions are indicated where pictures were taken.

(Click an image to enlarge and see a detailed legend, often a story why this butterfly or its very shot is interesting)


Coelites epiminthia                 Thailand 

Coelites nothis nothis              Cambodia 

Coenonympha saadi                   Cambodia



Elymnias hypermnestra               Cambodia








Erites argentina                    Thailand


Harima callipteris                  Japan


Lasiommata maera                    France

Lasiommata megera                   Iran



Lethe chandica suvarna

Lethe confusa confusa               Cambodia


Lethe europa                        Thailand

Lethe mekara crijnana               Cambodia

Lethe minerva tritogenita           Cambodia

Lethe rohria rohria                 Cambodia

Maniola jurtina                     Iran

Melanargia hylata                   Iran






Melanitis leda leda                Cambodia


Melanitis phedima                   Japan




Melanitis sp.                       Cambodia





Minois dryas                        Korea


Mycalesis anaxioides                Thailand


Mycalesis francisca                 Korea







Mycalesis fusca                     Thailand

Mycalesis gotama                    Japan

Mycalesis mnasicles perna           Cambodia

Mycalesis cf. perseus               Cambodia


Mycalesis sp.                       Thailand



Mycalesis sp2.                      Thailand


Mycalesis spp.                      Cambodia




Orsotriaena medus cinerea          Thailand

Orsotriaena medus medus             Cambodia


Pararge aegeria                     France

Pseudochazara thelephassa           Iran




Pseudotergumia fidia                France

Ragadia crisilda                    Cambodia


Ypthima asterope                    Ethiopia


Ypthima argus                       Japan

Ypthima sp. 	                    Thailand











Ypthima sp.                         Cambodia

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